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Board of Directors - Meeting Minutes - 2023-11-14

OCIA Nebraska

Board of Directors Meeting in person

November 14, 2023

Neligh Museum, Neligh, Nebraska


Present at meeting:  Rick Schuchardt, Genny Mosel, Karen Ostry, Randy Reinke, and Simeon Mosel


President, Simeon Mosel called the meeting to order at 6:15 pm.


The minutes were read from the last meeting and a motion was made by Rick to approve the minutes and seconded by Randy.   All in favor.


No treasurer’s report.


Ag Expo Event and OCIA Nebraska annual meeting was explained by Rick for December 6th. 

We will have a booth for all three days.  There are hotel reservations made for board members so they can work the booth and be ready for the annual meeting.  There will be 75 food tickets handed out to OCIA Nebraska members for the annual meeting.  Rick discussed the new presentation for the OCIA annual meeting, Cindy from OCIA International will speak at the annual meeting about mentors who are approved for helping transitioning farmers. Philip Schuchardt will help with the tech during the annual meeting. Rick went over the agenda for the day.  Invitations were sent to students in agriculture and members will have to pay for admittance to the ag expo to attend the meeting.  Advanced tickets online are $5 and at the door they are $10.


Website was sent to Board of Directors to inspect.  Randy pointed out certain corrections and changes that could be made and help make it clearer.


Quicken Financial Software update:  The cheapest version is unable to update.  It was decided purchase the Classic Version at $60.  This will be much easier to categorize and will save time for the administrator.


Advertising:  Annual Meeting advertising was sent out across Nebraska for $125. 


A motion was made by Rick to purchase P Cloud for $200 one-time cost to keep information of OCIA Nebraska.  Seconded by Karen and all in favor. 


Rick spoke on the UNL “Transition to organic” meeting on November 8th that he attended.  It didn’t gather too many farmers due to the bad timing with harvesting season.


Stickers were made with the logo of OCIA Nebraska to hand out at the Ag Expo and other events.  They are well made and good for the outdoors.


New Business:  proposed 2024 membership fee schedule was discussed and then a motion was made by Rick to keep it the same.  Seconded by Randy and all in favor.  Budget 2024 was not available.  Nominations of Board Members was discussed.  Randy, Rick and Karen split the membership list in order to call them before the annual meeting to ask if they would be willing to run for Board of Directors.


Next meeting is the Annual Meeting at the Ag Expo on December 6, 2023.

Adjournment motion was made by Rick and seconded by Genny.  All were in favor and the meeting ended at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Karen Ostry, secretary



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