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2021 Annual Meeting Minutes

Date: Saturday, December 11, 2021

Meeting was called to order by Caleb Mosel.

Old Business

  • Reading of the last annual minutes

    • Approved by Travis Wingate

    • Seconded by Gail Lockard

  • Treasurer's Report

    • Approved by James Sousek

    • Seconded by Jerry Lahners

  • Director's Report

    • 4 members dropped out of OCIA NE Chapter #1

    • New Organic filing for 2022

    • Five new members, one from South Dakota

New Business

  • Budget Review for 2022

    • Projection outlook of net gain of $900+

    • Motion to approve made by Travis Wingate

    • Seconded by Karen Ostry

    • Approved by all present

  • OCIA Fee Schedule

    • $25 reimbursement to members for bringing a new member

    • Motion made by Travis Wingate

    • Seconded by Matt Stelling

    • Approved by all members present

  • New Board Members

    • Karen Ostry and Simeon Mosel

    • Approved by all present

  • Virtual Meeting of OCIA International

    • Delegate: Caleb Mosel

    • Stipend: $20 an hour

    • Motion made by Karen Ostry

    • Seconded by James Sousek

    • Approved by all present

  • Farm Tours for 2022

    • Contact Kim Mosel for arrangements

  • No OCIA International update available

Recognitions and Awards

  • Sponsors recognized by Caleb Mosel

  • Chapter Farmer of the Year: James Sousek

    • Presentation about his farm with pictures

Upcoming Events

  • Next Annual Meeting

    • Location: Norfolk, NE


  • Motion to adjourn by Travis Wingate

  • Seconded by James Sousek

  • All in favor



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