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Board of Directors - Meeting Minutes - 2023-03-20

Date and Time

  • Date: Monday, March 20, 2023

  • Time: 7:00 pm

  • Format: Teleconference

Meeting Start

  • Meeting called to order by Simeon Mosel.


  • Roll Call: Simeon Mosel, Randy Reinke, Travis Wingate, Karen Ostry, Rick Schuchardt, Genny Mosel, Administrator Kim Mosel

Approval of Minutes

  • Minutes for October 3, 2022, approved after a motion by Travis Wingate and seconded by Randy Reinke.

  • Annual Board meeting minutes also approved with corrections.


  • Rick Schuchardt and Kim Mosel requested that meeting minutes be sent to members. Motion approved unanimously.

Financial Report

  • Treasurers’ report presented by Travis Wingate.

  • Projected income: $10,575.00

  • Balance at end of February: $70,362.29

  • No bills presented.

Program Administrator's Report

  • Presented by Kim Mosel.

  • 40 total members, 30 have paid.

  • New member added, one dropped.

  • New contacts and inspectors for the area.

Old Business

  • AGMM annual meeting report by Genny Mosel.

  • Suggestions and comments regarding the Annual Meeting discussed.

New Business

  • OCIA TOPPS Proposal: Discussion led by Rick Schuchardt and Brandon Hill.

  • Non-Profit Status: Addressed by Travis Wingate.

  • Annual Farm Tours: Information provided by Kim Mosel.

  • Business Name Change: Proposed by Rick Schuchardt.

  • OCIA International Advocacy Committee: Committee details and volunteer situation discussed.

  • Advertising and Scholarships: Consideration for future budgets and programs.

Next Meeting

  • August 14, 2023, at Neligh, NE library, 6:00 pm.

Meeting Adjournment

  • Meeting closed at 8:45 pm.

  • Motion to adjourn by Travis Wingate, seconded by Rick Schuchardt.

Documents Submitted

  • Respectfully submitted by secretary, Karen Ostry.


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